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Blue Badge Mobility Insurance

Enabling Your Independence

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Blue Badge Mobility Insurance is a specialist insurance company providing niche insurance products specifically designed to meet our client's needs. BlueBadge have used their experience and expertise to create a range of policies to help keep you moving; from equipment in the home through to mobility scooters. We also have Independent Living Insurance and policies to cover carers and personal assistants enabling us to offer you a complete package of insurance products, supporting you in the home and when you’re out and about.

Buy with confidence

• Consistently low prices
• No nasty surprises at renewal
• No surcharge for phone orders
• Friendly UK based staff
• Authorised & Regulated by the FCA
• Policies Underwritten by Ageas

Insure With Us and Experience the Difference

Mobility Insurance

Mobility Scooter, Powerchair, Manual Wheelchair and Trike

• Up to £2m Public Liability
• Theft, Damage or Loss
• Holiday Cover
• Optional Recovery Service
• Optional Breakdown Cover

From Only £24


Equipment Insurance

Stairlift, Riser Chair, Hoist, Bathlift and Adjustable Bed

• Accidental Damage
• Theft of your Equipment
• Mechanical Breakdown
• Parts, Labour and Callout
• Any user of the Equipment

From Only £71


Carer Insurance

Employment of Care Worker and Working as Carer or a PA

• Employers liability insurance
• Public liability insurance
• 24-hour helpline
• Errors and omissions
• Accidental Injury

From Only £61



At Blue Badge Mobility Insurance we are passionate about keeping you moving and preserving your independence. We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible to deal with us. The following are some of the testimonials from our clients.

Mobility Scooter Hit Fence

When Mr. Turpin, from Brighton, hit a fence with his mobility scooter he contacted us for help. We put him in touch with some local repairers and covered the final repair costs, of over £1000, under the Accidental Damage section of his Mobility Scooter Insurance policy.

"It's been brilliant 100% magic and kept my mind at rest. Really appreciate all you've done." October 2015

Mobility Scooter Hit By Car

Mr. Faithful, West Midlands, was relieved to have Mobility Scooter Insurance in place when his scooter was hit by a car. The cost of the damage was over £400, all of which was covered under his policy.

"I've never claimed before on any of my insurances and it gave me a great deal of satisfaction that your company does the right thing." October 2015

Bolt Falls Out of Stair Lift

In January a bolt fell out of Mrs. Edmonds’s Minivater Curved Stair Lift. As she’d insured the stair lift with us in November she contacted us for assistance. We spoke to the company that services the stair lift and arranged a quote and replacement part so Mrs. Edmonds would be able to use the stair lift again as soon as possible and covered the costs of over £200.

Mrs. Edmonds said "She was very happy with the service, thank you" March 2015

Granddaughter Accidentally Damages Mobility Scooter

Mr. Wakeford took out a policy in December for his Invacare Orion Mobility Scooter. On the 24th January Mr. Wakeford's granddaughter was using the scooter outside his house when she accidentally put it in the wrong speed mode, causing it to shoot forward, damaging the scooter and injuring Mr. Wakeford.

We liaised with Mr. Wakeford’s local mobility shop to assist in getting the repairs processed as quickly as possible and paid the claim of over £300

Mr. Wakeford said "A fantastic service from Blue Badge Mobility Insurance, can't speak highly enough of the service and the company. They made a stressful situation a lot less stressful by keeping in touch and assisting in liaising with all, thank you so very much - I will recommend everyone to insure with Blue Badge" March 2015

Mobility Scooter Damaged in Boot of Car

Mrs. Hamilton’s mobility scooter was damaged whilst being hoisted into the boot of her car. The dial and battery connections were broken with a repair cost of over £300. This accidental damage was covered by Mrs. Hamilton’s Mobility Scooter Insurance Policy and the bill was paid.

“Blue Badge Mobility Insurance has made a rocky road less rocky, you have made it hassle free, wonderful and thank you very much.” February 2015

Damage to Power Chair Whilst Travelling

Going on holiday is exciting but travelling can be a cause for concern, especially when you’re leaving your Scooter or Wheelchair in the hands of an Airline or Travel company for part of the journey.

When one of our customers, Mrs. Walmsley, flew to Palma Nova, Majorca she was very upset and worried to find part of her £2,000 power chair was damaged on arrival. Luckily her chair was insured and we've covered the full cost of the repair bill. Mrs. Walmsley was "very happy with the claim process and the service". November 2014

Scooter Driven into Bench

John Smyth, aged 86, was enjoying a ride through his local park when he stopped at one of the park’s cast iron benches. Leaning forward to get something from his basket he accidentally nudged the lever sending his scooter “full steam ahead” into the bench causing £405 worth of damage. His scooter has now been fully repaired and as Mr. Smyth was insured with Blue Badge Mobility Insurance we've settled the bill.

Mr. Smyth was “very happy with the claim handling, everything ran very smoothly.” November 2014

Scooter Stolen in Paris

Hermione from Bath was mainly concerned about public liability when she took out her mobility scooter insurance with us in October. However, it was the theft cover she needed a couple of weeks later when her scooter was stolen from outside her sister's house in France.

The theft was reported to local police, who she found very helpful, and a wheelchair was hired for the remainder of her trip as Mobility Scooters are apparently not as common in France. On return to the UK she found the claim process to be quick and easy, especially considering the crime reports had to be translated, and received over £500 for the cost of a replacement scooter.

"I am absolutely happy and would recommend Blue Badge Mobility Insurance to everyone, but would like to help raise awareness for theft whilst abroad and the importance of Insurance not just third party" November 2014