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VAT Exemption Declaration Form

VAT Exemption

You could pay no VAT when you buy mobility aids from Nanny M's Mobility Scooters in Croydon, Surrey. All products on our site qualify for 0% VAT.

Who Qualifies?

Charities buying equipment for the use of people with disabilities qualify for VAT exemption. Products purchased for personal or domestic use also qualify if you suffer from:

• A Physical or Mental Impairment Which Has a Long-Term & Substantial Adverse Effect upon Your Ability to Carry out Everyday Activities
• A Condition That the Medical Profession Treats as a Chronic Sickness, Such as Diabetes
• A Terminal Illness


The VAT exempted products cannot be used for business purposes, such as hiring out or any other money-making activity. This also means that the equipment purchased must be exclusively for your own use. However, if you and your partner both qualify for VAT relief you can share use of the equipment.

Easy Application

When you pick up your products from our showroom, you can fill in and sign the form right here. For local customers, you can sign the form when your purchase is delivered. We cannot dispatch goods with third-party couriers until we have received your signed form.

Outside the EU

Products being delivered to addresses outside the European Union do not need to pay VAT. A VAT Exemption Declaration Form is no necessary.
Contact us to speak with an expert about VAT exemption for your mobility products.
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